Lillie Mae Events was inspired by my grandmother Lillie. She was a lover of all things fashion, design, and everything sparkly. She loved serving people and had a passion for loving and caring for her family and even strangers. 


Grandma Lillie was relentless about living your best life! She always encouraged me to love big, never take anything too serious, take chances, always be you, put family first and always do it with a pretty dress and a great pair of shoes! 


I have been apart of a lot of stories; some good some great. And maybe you have felt a bit overwhelmed with deciding how to tell yours. Let’s think about this...what words would you use to describe your day? Exciting, intimate, elegant, romantic? Maybe relaxed or bold, or modern...let’s create that story. 


I feel your story can be told through each detail of your day. Every piece that is placed on each table, every flower that is arranged and every word that is printed should tell your story. 


I have found that when you stick to who you are, love big, take risks, and serve then can create a beautiful story...your story. Just like Grandma said. 


Owner/Lead Planner

We all enjoy a good love story! My passion is telling yours! My goal is to express your unique story in a way that only you could.

I am passionate about coffee, cooking, family, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

I have been married for 19 years to a wonderful man, Denny. We have three teenagers and three dogs! Organized chaos and event planning is my jam!

Based in Springfield Mo, Event Management in SOMO, NWA, East OK, and more! 


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