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2022 Wedding Trends You Will LOVE!!

If you have been following along with Lillie Mae Events, you know that we are very cautious about trendy and stay really close to the couples story. I am making an exception on this one friends. I am sure you have seen the million and one wedding trends for 2022 and 2023. I have scoured through pages and pages on the internet so you don't have to! Most are truly amazing and some...not so much.


We are going to focus on the best ones. Well, at least in my opinion. These are my TOP four wedding trends for 2022.

Hanging Florals

Florals are not just for bouquets and centerpieces anymore! Whether it is a statement piece over your sweetheart table or hanging greenery above, hanging florals are a HUGE trend for 2022. Bonus Trend: Large floor to ceiling installments are also growing in popularity.

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Unusual Wedding Attire

Y'all...JUMP ON THIS TRAIN!!! The traditional white long wedding dress that we all have in our minds is not where we are headed this year (and beyond in my opinion) Floral covered dresses, puff sleeves, pastels and layered ruffles. Drenching in pearls, high-low cuts and short wedding dresses…that is where we are going. Let's GO!!

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Sustainable Weddings

This concept is simple. More and more couples are paying attention to how their wedding effects the planet. We are using less plastic, opting for outdoor venues, choosing caterers and florist’s who source their ingredients and products from local farmers and using plantable seed paper. Not only will you appreciate it but your children will too! (If you are having them...don't feel like you have to. This is a conversation for another post.)

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Mixing Up the Timeline

After the impact of the coronavirus on weddings, many couples are approaching their wedding with a “do what we want” attitude. They have waited what seems like forever and the importance of them staying true to their story is more important than ever. One example is mixing up their timeline. Who says you have to wait until after the ceremony to have a cocktail hour? Want to have a sunrise ceremony? There are no rules friends.

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I'm officially dropping the mic and walking away. You are welcome and good night.

I am totally kidding. You guys, there are so many fun and exciting trends that are here for 2022-2023 brides. Please remember that just because you see something on the internet and think its cool does not mean it's the right fit for your and your Boo. Weddings are not one size fits all. ALWAYS stick to your story. If you love one of the trends I have shared but it doesn't quite fit you and your fiance, tweak it! Make it yours!

Your wedding day should tell your love story. Don't let anyone or anything rewrite the storyline.

I love You More,


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