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Wedding Colors! How to Decide!? Help!!

Summer flowers, forever rings, and a beautiful pair of shoes...all a girls best friend!

Photo: Chris Killingsworth Photography

One of the first things that I considered when I got engaged was what colors I would chose to represent myself and my soon to be husband. I believe it is one of the most important decisions in the wedding planning process. I mean...everything from the bridal party attire to the flowers to the linens to the cake...your color palette effects it all! Color gives life y'all!!

When many couples get engaged the first place they go is to the internet for inspiration. There are so many mood boards and color palettes that you see when you are researching ideas and looking for inspiration. Now I love the Internet as much as the next girl but sometimes it can blow your mind and make you second guess yourself! You see a picture with vibrant colors and elaborate flower walls and tables dripping with greenery and fabric. You LOVE it!!! Of course you do sister! It's GORG!!

Photo: Chris Killingsworth Photography

Here are a few things to consider when you are trying to determine your wedding color palette.

Will it tell your story?

Listen up Loves...this is YOUR day. Every decision that you make should be based around you and the love of your life. One way that you can determine if your color palette will represent you is to take al look at your home. What colors are represented throughout your home? The color of your walls, the patterns/colors on your bedding or pillows, the shower curtain you chose, or even the color of your vehicles! Look at your closet! What color is your go to pair of shoes? What color is your favorite sweater or pair of pants? Don't let the internet determine the color of your wedding. Stay true to your story!

Consider Your Venue

The esthetics of your venue can influence your color palette. Did you chose a venue with white walls and wood accents? Are you having your ceremony and reception outside? Are you addicted to the industrial farmhouse feel (Is it just me??) and you went with a more brick and metal venue? Maybe you decided to nestle your guests in the middle of the woods. No matter what venue you chose, ensure that the look and feel of your venue match the look and feel of your palette.

What Season Are You Planning For?

I got married in October before October weddings were cool. My color palette made it look like I was obsessed with Easter. Looking back on it 21 years later, although I do love Easter, let's just say I second guessed my life choices folks. We all know that each season has their own colors. Now, this isn't to say that you have to match the seasons colors however, some colors tend to compliment a specific time of year. Deep and rich colors such as emerald green, plum, navy blue and wine red typically represent fall/winter months. Bright and vibrant colors such as fuchsia, yellow, and magenta are seen during the hot summer months and muted colors such as pastel pink, yellow, and blue remind us of springtime.

Are you leaning towards a wedding theme?

If you are considering a theme for your wedding you need to consider the color of your theme. Let me break it down for you. A photographer friend shared one her galleries with me where a bride did a Wizard of Oz theme. When I think of Wizard of Oz I think of shimmery ruby slippers, a puffy pink dress, smooth silver metal, a yellow brick road and those gorgeous velvety emerald green curtains. So...if you want a Wizard of Oz theme then you should probably not go with pastel pink. I think we are on the same page here...

Bonus Tip

If your wedding is around a holiday consider incorporating the holiday palette into your wedding palette!! WHOA????'s a thing guys.

Listen up sister friend...bottom line is you are telling YOUR story. You have spent years, months, days and a jillion minutes living in the middle of your story. You deserve the opportunity to tell it the way that you want it to be told. You deserve the opportunity to make it totally you. Do not let the internet or trends or traditions tell you what you should do. Even though that picture with the vibrant colors and elaborate flower walls and tables dripping with greenery and fabric is GORG, does it represent the story you want to tell?

Love you more,


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